State golf associations to merge

The Montana State Senior Golf Association has agreed to merge the Montana State Senior Golf Tournament into the Montana State Golf Association. The State Senior Tournament is the states largest golf event with 330 players competing each summer.

The MSGA, which conducts most of the state-level competitions in Montana, has committed to running the annual State Senior Tournament as it has been and to include up to seven current MSSGA board members on its board. The merger details are still being worked out and are expected to be completed by Jan. 1, 2021.

The MSSGA board believes, after significant study this past year, that the merger will help ensure the continued popularity and success of the tournament while eliminating the duplication and costs of maintaining separate staffs and boards.

2021 Senior Match Play Tourney

Jay Anderson, Helena, won the first playoff hole over Missoula’s Bob Gray, to capture the Senior Division of the Montana State Match Play Championship June 13 in Helena.

This was the first time the state match play event had included a Senior Division.

Montana State Senior Tournament sports full field

The Montana State Senior Golf tournament set for August 3-5 in Butte/Anaconda has a full field of 324 players, but some slots may open during the summer, depending on cancellations. We’ll be playing Butte Country Club, Fairmont and Old Works.

Any member still wanting to play should get their application in immediately to get on the alternates list. Other seniors interested should contact the Montana Senior Golf staff below for more information.

Players who’ve sent in their tournament application should receive a mailed confirmation. Anyone not receiving confirmation within a couple weeks should contact the Senior Golf staff.

Players can check to see when and where they play on the Sections buttons above.

We’re working with local health officials and we will follow appropriate procedures to ensure the tournament is as safe as possible for all of us.  We’re expecting that everyone over 55 will be vaccinated by then and we can run the tournament pretty much like normal.  

If you have questions, please contact our executive staff at mtseniorgolf@gmail.com or at 406-439-0814 or 406-439-5701.