Junior Golf Support

In 2014, the MSSGA initiated an effort to raise funds to help support Junior Golf programs in Montana. Our members have been enthusiastic about the effort and, along with annual donations from the MSSGA, that initiative has contributed more than $28,000 — more than $4000 a year — to encourage and assist junior golfers across the state.

All of us at Montana Senior Golf are extremely grateful for the generous support of our members.

Again this year, we plan to direct donations to the Montana State Golf Association (MSGA) with the request they be used for the MSGA’s junior grant program. As stated on the MSGA’s website, junior grants “offer funding for programs open to the public at Montana golf courses, schools, or community groups to help youth learn the game”. Any MSGA member club, individual MSGA member, or Montana school may apply for a grant. Each year, numerous clubs and courses across the state applied for and received funding through the junior golf grant program (information about the program may be found on the MSGA’s website at msgagolf.org).  We feel this is a worthy effort that gets to the core of our belief that golf is a game to be enjoyed throughout one’s lifetime.

In addition to providing monetary donations, we encourage senior golfers to expose more youngsters to the game. Many of us can do that by taking our grandchildren or young acquaintances to the course with us and having them bring a friend along. Make your outings about fun, not being a “good golfer,” and these youngsters could be golf pals always.

Overall, the MSSGA intent is to address two issues the Board has identified: How do we increase interest in senior golf and our association; and how do we increase interest in and support for golf in general. We feel our fund-raising efforts help elevate the profile of the MSSGA as well as contribute to the health of the sport in Montana.

Tax-deductible donations are still being accepted for this year’s program. Donations can be sent to the Montana State Senior Golf Assn., P.O. Box 192, Helena MT 59624.

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